Suzanne Lussier

My art is presented as a link in creating a relationship between the story I have bestowed and the audience. The sculptures are allegorical vignettes of unspoken sentiments that lead the viewer to specific emotions through familiar imagery. While interacting with my art the viewer can reorient the narrative, relating it to their own story through their perceptions and personal experiences.

Clay is my primary material. I build sculptures with components that have been thrown on the wheel, pressed into molds and fabricated through other hand building techniques. I create intuitively, producing honest results that showcase process, irregularities, and intentional flaws. Through this the surface lends itself to support the narrative, alluding to the patina of life. The language of the story is similar to the one that is told by an old leather wallet with burnished planes and cracked edges, or the lip of a marble step that has been worn down to a soft curve from years of use.